Collaborators (past and Present)

  • Lupus Foundation of New England

  • Boston Black Women’s Health Initiative

  • Alliance For Lupus Research

  • New England Baptist Hospital Arthritis and Lupus Support Group

  • New England Regional Black Nurses Association


  • Monthly Support Group meets at the Codman Square Community Health Center; 637 Washington St., Dorchester, MA

  • Provides information and referrals to medical care and other support services.

  • Provides support to lupus patients and their family members.

  • Provides resources and educational materials.

  • Participates in community forums, health fairs, special events, such as the Alliance for Lupus Research Annual Walk.


What is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, meaning the immune system attacks healthy tissue in the body often causing pain, swelling, fatigue, and a generally sick feeling.  Lupus can affect the joints, skin, kidneys, lungs, blood vessels, heart, brain and digestive system.

Common lupus symptoms include:

  • Fatigue (being very tired)

  • Rash or color change in the face

  • Painful or swollen joints, muscle pain

  • Unexplained fever

  • Chest pain

  • Unusual hair loss

  • Pale/purple fingers from cold or stress (Called Raynaud’s phenomenon)

  • Forgetfulness and difficulty in concentrating